Join the Discussion

Join the Discussion

To create a fundamental shift in the way key stakeholders are responding to the protracted occuption in Palestine, the first annual Palestine Resilience Conference, 2016 will be held in Amman, Jordan. You have a unique opportunity to be part of that effort and help shape a new resilience agenda. 

Please join an online discussion convened by UNDP around the following 5 questions:

  1. What is resilience – theory and practice?
  2. How can resilience-based approaches support the Palestinian project of self-determination against Israeli occupation and siege?
  3. How can resilience be built and integrated into existing aid policy and programming?
  4. How can we measure the impact of resilience-based aid programming?
  5. How does resilience thinking relate to the Palestinian narrative of sumud (steadfastness)? What are the links and how can they be harnessed for concrete solutions for Palestinians?

Use the hashtag #PalestineResilience on Twitter and leave your comments below.

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