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The Palestine Resilience Conference (PRC) 2016 is a unique space where practitioners, donors, government actors, non-government actors, and the private sector will meet to think-plan-deliver on how to influence resilience-based programming across the State of Palestine. Since the occupation in 1967, the international assistance program has been actively engaged in both development and humanitarian efforts to support the basic needs and rights of the Palestinian people. However, as the Israeli occupation approaches its 50th year, and the blockade of Gaza its 11th year, stakeholders are concerned about the overall impact of continued violence, conflict, and de-development. The PRC 2016 seeks to address key questions and concerns of various stakeholders by posing creative and innovative solutions. As a conference, this meeting will help identify: A clear, unified, and ...
24th - 25th November
InterContinental Hotel, Amman
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